USE™ General Performance

Using the process and stress simulations based on commercial development, MOEMS scan engine can be used for many applications.

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Universal Scan Engine USE™

Original chip was designed for several performances, large area mirror, sub-wavelength surface flatness, harsh environmental operation, and possibly large scan angle. 

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Future of the Telecom

Since the increased demand for bandwidth and throughput can only be fulfilled by MOEMS, many high level innovative ideas for development of bypass switches, variable optical...

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Revoltech is committed to deliver innovative Micro-Opto-Electro-Mechanical value added products and services to the production and manufacturing industries.

Revoltech Microsystems (RM) formed to explore new products and services based on MOEMS and MEMS technology. The area of concentration has been to focus and combine the core strengths of micro and nanotechnology. The technology has been developed originally in Rockwell research labs in Thousand Oaks, CA using advanced MOEMS-MEMS processing and testing tools. The chip was environmentally tested in Rockwell Milwaukee division. Revoltech has granted a technology license for manufacturing any optical scanning devices based on the original development of this technology in Rockwell.

A new upgrade version of the scanner chip was produced by Revoltech commercial development fund. A picture of a single chip and a portion of the wafer processed at early commercial development are shown in this page. After further commercialization of the chip, it was chosen as the foundation engine of manufacturing any scanning system. This scanner engine is the first MOEMS scanner chip presently existed using bulk micromachining and manufacturing processes compatible with CMOS. This device has numerous applications listed in Application page of this website.

Since 2000, Revoltech has applied MOEMS and MEMS technologies to three major fields. The first field is developing Various RF switches to apply in designing variable capacitors, filters, and high performance oscillators. The second field is BioMed and medical diagnostics using terahertz focal plane and OCT imaging. The third field is remote sensing which started and formed during 2005-2008. In this field Revoltech is currently very active and seeking investors to participate for a joint manufacturing program.

Company has wide ranges of ideas all are pre investigated for MOEMS and MEMS with CMOS compatible process including packaging and other manufacturing needs. Revoltech is pioneer in applying MEMS and MOEMS in many dream technologies, which in the past considered almost impossible, and now our company could bring them back to reality. Revoltech has seven-licensed patent and five new US patents covering a wide range of MOEMS technologies.

Revoltech is seeking:

  • MOEMS Commercial Prototyping
  • All types of scan engines
  • Scanner Assembly Automation
  • High quality RF switch
  • Remote sensing devices
  • Electronic Interconnect
  • Variable Optical Attenuator
  • Proximity Sensors
  • Part Inventory
  • Biohazard Detection
  • Miniature DWDM
  • MOEMS Choppers
  • Optical Beam Shaping
  • Adaptive Optics components

Why Optics is Crucial in microtechnology?

Because it is a knowledge that deals with light. The Universe is created by Light and will End by Light. MOEMS is a new Star in technology leading to innovations from the power of light.