MOEMS Consulting Services

MOEMS and Micro-optics Measurement Services

Revoltech Microsystems (RM) can offer measurement services in different categories. RM can measure frequency response of you device for any frequency from as low to KHz to RF including all the harmonics in the range of measurement. The figure bellow is a low frequency response of an optical scanning device.

Harsh temperature measurement and QC data of your device can be measured for liability data in a test bed environment. In a following plot a temperature linearity data is plotted for temperature up to 70 degree C and temperature as low as -10 degree C. RM can test your R&D device and explain the quality/performance of the device for commercial applications.

Another service offers by RM is design of any MOEMS devices processed by bulk optics; the device can be diced from the wafer and mounted on flat package for testing. RM has different optical mounts holder to mount your chip for optical testing. A device mounted on a flat package shown in the figure bellow.

Consulting Services

Revoltech Microsystems has a group of technical consultants who are experts in the field of Micro-optics and MOEMS located globally and could be arranged for a day to week consulting. Please contact the Information center for details.

  • 32 years MOEMS and Micro-Optics of both academics and industrial experiences
  • Tested and proven problem solving record
    CMOS, IC design and CAD tools development capabilities
  • Diverse application experience
    Lab to manufacturing experience
  • Process transfer to manufacturing
  • OEM design consulting
  • Seminars and short courses