New Universal Scan Engine USE™ (Patented)

Original chip was designed for several performances, large area mirror, sub-wavelength surface flatness, harsh environmental operation, and possibly large scan angle. Even though this chip can be used for many different applications but since was most applicable to optical and photonics system, we called that MOEMS scanner. The picture bellow shows high achievement of several desired performances.

The picture shows the large scan angle and the low-to-none distortion shows the high performance of the mirror flatness.

Chip Performance:

Tested at more than 20 billion cycles
Barcode scanner and reader with 100% accuracy
Low power (<0.2W)
Large area scanning capabilities
Actuator scan angles (> 22 degrees)
Mirror surface flatness better than 1/4 wavelength
Tested environment from -10 to 70°C
On-chip smart sensing capability
Universal Scan Engine USE™ (240 scans/sec)

Chip Performance Capabilities:

Scanner Assembly
Micro-optic special components
Security systems
Electronic Interconnect
Time Domain Imaging
Terahertz sensors
High speed optical delay line
Fast switching action

Describing Scan Engine 

We can demonstrate the MOEMS optical scanning by some animation. In this case the optical device is a micromirror and the micromechanical device is an actuator to drive the mirror where the microelectronics function is applying energy through electronic circuits. Revoltech scanner engine like USETM has tested in excess of 20 billion scan cycles, during 2 years continuous running. This high yield device has also imbedded 2-dimential scan at some resonance frequencies. The following link shows a simple demonstration of 2-D scanning.

2D & Omni Directional scanning capability

2D & Omni Directional scanning capability

The scan angle of Revoltech USET™ can linearly vary by varying the applied voltage This function has been used in several RM MOEMS applications. The link bellow demonstrates this function.

Electronically adjustable scan angle

Electronically adjustable scan angle