MOEMS History


During 1991-1993, Dr. Motamedi one of the Revoltech executives and former Rockwell innovator in the areas of MEMS and Micro-Optics used internally the acronym of MOEMS for "Micro-Opto-Electro-Mechanical Systems". This was to distinguish between optical MEMS which also includes bulk optics.

In 1993, Dr. Motamedi officially introduced MOEMS for the first time as the powerful combination of MEMS and micro-optics in an invited talk at the SPIE Critical Reviews of Optical Science and Technology conference in San Diego. In this talk Dr. Motamedi introduced the figure bellow for showing that MOEMS is the interaction of three major microtechnologies, namely Micro-Optics, Micromechanics, and Microelectronics. MOEMS

Revoltech Microsystems (RM) originally formed in Europe during August 2000 to research, patent, and to explore new products and services. During November 2001, Revoltech Microsystems incorporated in California under the same original name. The RM's area of concentration has been always to focus and combine the core strengths of MOEMS and MEMS. Revoltech originally focused on manufacturing laser scanning engine and for this purpose, several multi purpose chips designed and brought them to the level of pre manufacturing. During FY 2002-2008, RM has redirected its strategic planning by entering to biotechnology and medical diagnostics market using terahertz focal plane imaging, OCT imaging, and priority laser sensors. Two other fields that recently company has interest are RF switches and remote sensing. MOEMS and MEMS RF switches applied to optical and electrical filters, and variable capacitors for high stable oscillators. RM remote sensing is another field of interest for manufacturing OEM optical measuring devices.

The following is a photograph of an optical scanning mirror has gone to the several CR&D stages. The mirror area is extremely large and is flat to the fraction of optical wavelength. This device acts as an scanning engine for many related applications.

Revoltech has 10 new US patents, which 8 of these patents awarded, and two are pending. Company has also seven awarded licensed-patents, which two of these patents are US patents and five are all-international.