USE™ General Performance

Using the process and stress simulations based on commercial development, MOEMS scan engine can be used for many applications. For example, cantilever RF switches has been developed and matured during the past decade but those commercially available are using surface micromachining and the beam cannot contact perfectly on the opposite electrode surface and mostly have low yields because stickiness problems. MOEMS scanner can be used for high performance and high yield RF switches. The chip can be used for optical switch or by some modification can be used for optical attenuators. The picture bellow shows a schematic of optical switch.

The USE™ has passed all the performances require for commercial product. The picture bellow shoes this demonstration. The chip was integrated with an existing bulk heavy bar code reader/decoder and successfully proven to read a three-character code 39 bar code.

The demo system was capable of decoding the 11-mil label at 360 scans per second with a 100 % successful read performance. This demo system was exhibited in Photonics West exhibition under "Hot Topics Session" in San Jose, CA.

For this demonstration a singe chip was used. The entire circuit board components can be roomed on the flat package as sketched in above figure. The circuit has designed partially hybrid and partially CMOS compatible on chip slightly larger about 1 ½ cm2 in area.

Application areas:

Barcode reader and generator
Mobile optical switch
Proximity sensing
Commercial security systems
Factory automation
Temperature sensors
RF switches
Credit card and signature reader
Accurate inventories
Bistable optical switch
Fast optical shutters
Scanning optical delayline
Deformable mirror
Low cost miniaturization
High performance home security
Micro-optical elements for MOEMS
Simulation and virtual testing of prototype
Variable level or position sensing


Scan engine description

Scan engine is a MOEMS device including both mechanical and optical element and it is batch processed as integrated circuits. The approach for making this device is using a mirror as optical element and an actuator as a mechanical element. The device is a mixture of sensors, actuators, mirrors all integrated in same package.

scan engine components

scan engine components

Scan engine applications

When the device process is CMOS compatible then it can be integrated with many smart functions facilitates development of many innovative ideas. Here we present a scan engine highly sophisticated contains large size mirror with submicron flatness and extremely reliable. Scan engine has many applications.

most common applications

most common applications